Anal Sex - Number 107 October 1999

Anal Sex – Number 107 October 1999

Anal Sex – Number 107 October 1999
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Anal Sex 107 Zena gets some after hours anal and Elise loves it up the arse, plus more…

Frank had been wanting to return to the wonderful city of Budapest for some time. On a previous visit he’d met a very hot Hungarian with gypsy blood named Tanya. And after a week of passion he’d promised to return some day with a gift. So. determined to really surprise the lusty wench. this time he bought along a special present: his best friend. Gunter! Tanya was quickly attracted to Gunter…

Ilse was not only beautiful and bright, she was also one of the horniest women in all of Holland. With such a lush body, she could easily have earned a fortune as a first class whore, but she cherished her amateur standing. parlaying to get her kicks without having to worry about mundane money matters. And one of her favorite kinky games was to give private tours of Casa Rosso, a famous local sex palace!

Busty blonde Zina was the owner of one of the best bars in all of Prague, and she was known as a sharp business woman who hated to part with a penny. Generally speaking she was very good at finding ways to get the most out of things without spending her own money. One evening, after closing hours, a handsome young tax inspector presented himself at the bar and, smiling audaciously, asked for a substantial bribe for, in his own words, “not to disturb or in any other way hamper the success of a well functioning business”! He was good looking and with a gentle face, so Zina quickly made up her mind to offer him something else instead!


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