Anal Sex - Number 108 February 2000

Anal Sex – Number 108 February 2000

Anal Sex – Number 108 February 2000
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Anal Sex 108 From Color Climax Featuring Sexy Models And More …

-Show me your best moves, John!” Greta whispered seductively as she boldly caressed the front of his trousers. At the same time, Eva was pulling -Travolta” out onto the dance floor and rubbing her body tightly up against his. Hours later, after much drinking and dancing, Greta and Eva found themselves alone with the two sexy studs!

Else had two great passions in life. She loved to travel, and she loved to seduce handsome men in uniforms! And so when she arrived in Budapest, horny young Else boldly marched into the nearest police station and she pretended to be a naive tourist who had gotten herself hopelessly lost. Officers Max and Andre were naturally delighted to help the sexy but apparently vulnerable beauty!

Annalise was a clever girl. She knew how to save mon-ey. And how to charm and manipulate sexy men. Happily one afternoon she had a chance to do it all when a muscular young house painter knocked on her back door, offering to paint her place for next to nothing.

Katja was a very busy lady. Ever since she opened her one-girl escort bureau her services had been fully booked. And what made her so popular with male visitors was not just her beauty, but her imaginative tours of all the erotic flesh pots of Prague. But one day, as she was escorting two charming young Australians around, she decided that she too, needed a little fun and frolic, and so, after borrowing the keys, she arranged to start the tour in a bar that hadn’t opened for the day.


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