Anal Sex – Number 12 (1975)

Anal Sex – Number 12 (1975)
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Anal Sex 12 Porn Magazine Vintage From Color Climax

I easily managed to persuade them to come round to Willy’s place and once there, he didn’t save it on the hard stuff, whisky, gin etc. To get people a little in the mood, I suggested a game of spin-the-bottle -after all I didn’t want to waste all evening. What a lark! And Alice was the first to show her tits and cunt.

The now fruity girls had been turned on so much that they were ready for some in-fight. Bent could hardly wait any longer, he had sported a huge horn most of the evening, and now it took only a couple of hints for him to get a good grip on Charlotte’s cunt.

Well, when I finally got home I just wanted to get some sleep, but that was completely impossible because my next-door neighbour, the at-tractive Jacqueline, was throwing one of her wild, noisy parties …

Polite as ever, Martin returned the compliment by planting his cock in her arse. And when he felt the hot tight sheath of her bum-channel clasping his rearing lunger he simply lost control of himself. “Of Christ,” he groaned, “you’ve got the tightest arse of all time … it’s almost too much …”


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