Anal Sex - Number 13 (1975)

Anal Sex – Number 13 (1975)

Anal Sex – Number 13 (1975)
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Anal Sex 13 From Color Climax Vintage Porn Magazine

Business was rather slack this Monday afternoon in the “Gear Boutique”, a fashionable and rather expensive little shop. Being bored. and feeling pretty randy, the two shop assistants Marianne and Mar-tin were having it away in one of the fitting rooms. Or rather, to be-gin with it appeared that only Mar-tin was having it away, as to a dis-creet observer it seemed that Ma-rianne was doing all the heavy work and Martin was having all the pleasure. She was giving head like nobody’s business, sucking away to the hilt at Martin’s enormous tool. But this was the way she liked it. Marianne felt that she had a cunt in each end, and to her the thrill was equally great either way.

“If you’ve had enough cock in your mouth for the time being, how about refreshing your taste-buds with some of my pussy,” said Lisette, and willingly Marian-ne obliged by pulling down Liset-te’s pants and gently wetting her crisp pubic hair with her moist tongue, before letting it plunge deep into her cunt. “I’m dripping wet,” sighed Lisette, “it’s been such a long time since I’ve had my pussy eaten.” In fact it was an old game of theirs, going for a fling in this particular shop, buy-ing wild things and having their cunts sucked and nibbled at and licked wild. They knew Marianne, the steamiest cuntlicker in town.

All the way back from the shop, the girls had talked about nothing but prick. They had described to each other the feeling of it, heavy and hot in the hand, the taste of it as it softly slid into the mouth, the feeling of it between the lips, as it slowly grew and got incredibly hard. Their juices had run down the insides of their legs, and now back with the boys, they could hardly wait. But giving head was one thing, what they and the boys really went for was quite another. Gobbling away at the big, red pricks was part pleasure, part preparation. They were getting them ready for the big plunge: A real hot and horny anal orgy.


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