Anal Sex - Number 25 September 1977

Anal Sex – Number 25 September 1977

Anal Sex – Number 25 September 1977
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Anal Sex 25 Vintage Porn Magazine

Spring is the time for lovers; the time when bodies are easily aroused and the hormones start secret-ing their mystical juices. Jan and Irene go out into the woods. In the middle of one of their embraces, Jan whispers, “Do you know what I’d like to do?” Of course Irene realises only too well what he means! “Why not?” she asks with a cheeky grin on her face, “let’s go over there!” It was then they caught sight of another couple who had obviously had the same idea!

“Is there anything more refreshing than a bath before lunch?” said Freddy, winking at Lene. The two couples had just returned from the swimming pool and had sat down to lunch without a stitch on their bodies. “Now this is what gives me an appetite!” grinned Freddy, staring at Lene’s tits!

“I must admit that it was one hell of an idea!” exclaimed George, raising his glass to the others. “And you’re not the only one that thinks so!” laughed Le-ne grabbing hold of his erect cock. “This way there’s always a stiff banana at the ready! Which is good, ‘cos I feel like one now!”


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