Anal Sex - Number 36 June 1980

Anal Sex – Number 36 June 1980

Anal Sex – Number 36 June 1980
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Anal Sex 36 Dirty divorcee, plus more… Color Climax special anal selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Featuring Model:
Arsehole Eccentrics = Catherine Ringer

“You look enchanting as always!” Tony smiled, as he passed his ex-wife a glass of champagne. Char-lene, an actress had been separated from him for al-most a year, and now lived as free as a bird in an elegant housing complex In Beverly Hills. There, she could mess around to her heart’s content, without the interference of a jeal-ous husband. “And you still look like a solid ci-tizen!” she replied cheek-ily, “it’s a pity we don’t suit each other, because I still like you!” She kissed Tony tenderly …

For a start I have to suck Frankie to a full blooded hard-on,” says Naja, “I know how crazy that driv-es him. and for myself, I don’t know of anything better than to feel how his prick swells and grows hard deep in my mouth. And the taste of it, that’s something I keep remem-bering all the time that we are fucking – I love to ta-ste his knob just after he’s had it up my cunt or in my arsehole – in a way it is just like a form of self love, even though it’s real-ly him I adore – and all his lecherous innovations …”

The holiday hotel that the two girls had booked themselves into had a reputa-tion for great service. From the first day, they’d both had their eyes on the room-service waiter, Georgio, and had invited him up on his day off. Georgio didn’t mince words: “Visit you? I’ll visit you in places you never dreamed of!” was his smiling answer.


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