Anal Sex – Number 41 June 1981

Anal Sex – Number 41 June 1981
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Anal Sex 41 Vintage Porn Magazine, Retro Porn Magazine

Robert rubbed gently on his throbbing erec-tion. “D’you really think here’s room enough in an arse for this?” the 18-year-old gymnast asked his girlfriend Lottie. She smiled seductively. “Yes, my girlfriend Lizzie’s already tried it!” Lottie replied, “she says its dead easy -and rather wonderful! See for yourself, there’s room enough for this rubber cock. Come on Robert. don’t be a killjoy!” Robert allowed Lot-tie to suck him off first…

As the son of a wealthy oil sheik, Abdulah could well afford to spend a couple of hundred quid for an evening with a loose-living lady. After Olga had put the money to one side, she looked quite satisfied and got quickly down to business. With a lecherous sigh she stuck the Arab’s still cock between her lips.

And when someone loves doing something, they usually do it rather well -especially If they’re as experienced in cocksucking as Olga. With a sure grip. she held the two pricks steady, pulled the fore-skins back, her the glans with her tongue. pressed them together and pushed them in be-tween her warm lips. Stan and his Arab friend quickly felt. the young whore’s pride in her handiwork. But it didn’t surprise them overmuch. After all one should expect a great deal of quality, it one spent at lot of money …


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