Anal Sex – Number 43 November 1981

Anal Sex – Number 43 November 1981
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Anal Sex 43 arsehole orgy, plus more… Color Climax special anal selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Although Claudine and Nathalie had a lot in common – the thing they shared most was their lustfulness! They loved to spend orgiastic week-ends, in keeping with their motto: “The naughtier the better”! And the lucky tuckers who took part in their amorous scenes, would all have had overdrafts at the “Sperm Bank”! The girls were simply insatiable … And in addition to their lusty appetites, they loved to tuck in the “Greek Style” …

Shirley was rich and attrac-tive, but above all, she was a raving nymphomaniac. If she couldn’t raise one of her boyfriends on the tele-phone, to come and service her on the spot, she’d cruise Hollywood and Sunset, till she picked up a likely look-ing stud – preferably a rough and ready looking guy – and drive him back to her apartment in Beverly Hills, where she’d quickly unzip his cock, suck it to a good stiff erection, then plunge it into her aching. hungry cunt, temporarily relieving her insatiable itch …

Lola looked seductively at Hubert. “There’s no need to be shy, darling!” she said reassuringly, sliding her hand up to his crutch at the same time. “Gretha and I will take good care of you!” She expertly undid his pants, pulled out his cock and began to suck it hard till it grew erect between her lips. Hubert needed a little encouragement. he was like so many men that had answered her adver-tisement for “Professional treatment, Greek is our spe-ciality”!


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