Anal Sex - Number 45 April 1982

Anal Sex – Number 45 April 1982

Anal Sex – Number 45 April 1982
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Anal Sex 45 backdoor girls, plus more… Color Climax special anal selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Torben wasn’t known as “Mister Porno-, for nothing. He made the hottest blue movies in town! And on top of that, he was also known to let his cool professional aura slip now and again, by deserting his position behind the camera and joining his models for a really good screw! Bella, one of his new models was very anxious to get into Torben’s good books, so she didn’t bat an eyelid. when he saucily invited her to suck his cock. In fact his meaty swollen member rather appealed to her!

Greta hated everything that she’d ever had to learn at school. But even though she detested formalised education, she was quite willing to learn things for herself. Like French for example. And that’s where Lonny came in handy. “I can help you with a few things … if you like.” Lonny offered, “can you say ‘sixty nine’ in French. for example?” she asked.

Even when they were at college, Iris and Liz already had the reputation of being two hot, foxy chicks. And on top of that, they had their own method for avoiding becoming pregnant – by letting themselves get fucked in the arse! In other words. a cunt fuck was absolutely unthinkable to the two naughty young lovlies. Of course, things changed as they got older, but even so. they still couldn’t live without their old favourite: anal sex! How could they entirely forget their happy – and very sexy -days at school …?


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