Anal Sex – Number 47 November 1982

Anal Sex – Number 47 November 1982
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Anal Sex 47 anal roulette, plus more… Color Climax special anal selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex.

Olaf and Robert had invented a new randy game called: “Porno Roulette”. And on one particular day, they invited Christine – a real prick addict that they knew – to play with them. “Okay, boys… Eight’s my lucky number!” she said as soon as they were ready to begin. “Rien ne va plus!” Robert announced as he spun the wheel of fortune…

Since the first tremble of sexual arousal started to tickle his balls, Pascal had been obsessed and fascinated by women’s buttocks. So white and round and gorgeous! As a schoolboy, he was to be found continually wanking in the toilets with dirty French books for inspiration, full of splendid female arses!

My husband, Andrew and I, are not unfamiliar with swinging. In fact we’ve tried swapping partners with friends, on several occasions. But the hottest orgy of our lives, was one that we arranged with one of Andrew’s business as-sociates and his very charming wife. “Our hus-bands have forgotten that this was supposed to be a party!” I whispered in Josephine’s ear, “they’re always talking shop!” I added. “Then we’d better create a diversion!” Jose-phine replied, “I’m bored… Let’s do something risque …!” I suggested…


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