Anal Sex - Number 48 January 1983

Anal Sex – Number 48 January 1983

Anal Sex – Number 48 January 1983
English, German, French | JPG | 52 Pages | 57.2 MB

Anal Sex 48 Porn Vintage Magazine From Color Climax

“And me who thought I’d be having it off with some Spanish Don Juan type…” Sarah said, laughingly, when Mike took her to his hotel room after dinner. “With me, darling you won’t have any language problems!” he told her later. “And no other problems either…” Sarah moaned as Mike started making love to her.

It all started when Carlotta – a nice plump Italian chick who was living in Copenhagen – and her husband had problems with their T.V. set. The picture kept jumping and they couldn’t get channel two… “Hi. I’m Rene. I’ve come to repair your television!” the handsome at the door introduced himself. “It’s good you came!” Char-lotta exclaimed. “this bloody box is getting on my nerves…!” Rene looked longingly at her. Carlotta was precisely his type of female…

Werner and Anni lived on the first floor of a huge villa in one of Dortmund’s classier suburbs. Another part of the first floor was occupied by Eddie, their neighbour, a quiet bachelor who spent his evenings watching T.V. They shared the same bathroom, which was where the following thrilling episode began. It was a quiet Saturday morning and Werner had gone to wash…


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