Anal Sex – Number 51 January 1984

Anal Sex – Number 51 January 1984
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Anal Sex 51 January 1984 From Color Climax Porn Magazine

Sunday Screw features CC models Barbra and Louise

“We wouldn’t want to soil your laundry, darling!’ Hans. one of the chimney-sweeps answered her cheekily. “But on the other hand, we wouldn’t mind getting dirty with your Gunther. his assistant added with a randy grin as Hans began to fondle her tits with his sooty fingers. “Now you’ve put fingerprints on my frock!” Martha said crossly. “what am I going to do?” she added. “Take it off, of course!” Giinther suggested naughtily. running his hand over her mound of Venus …

Mr Thomson was a very influential businessman who owned a large aeronautic equipment firm, just outside Los Angeles. He was a distinguished type. whose life held two passions, outside of business: playing billiards, and sex … not just any kind of sex either. Mr Thomson’s erotic tastes ran to what might be called “transex”!

Jody had shown up quite unexpectedly, late one Sunday morning at Barbra and Carl’s apartment. The young couple didn’t really mind. Jody was always a welcome visitor. “Well, what a nice surprise, to see you!” Barbra said hospit-ably. “Carl’s still in the bathroom. He got up late, the lazy bastard … !“

Finally. Carl emerged from the shower. only to find his wife chatting to Jody … “Sorry …” he said. “ill just get rid of this towel and get dressed!” “You don’t need to worry about clothes!” Barbra informed him.


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