Anal Sex - Number 54 October 1984

Anal Sex – Number 54 October 1984

Anal Sex – Number 54 October 1984
English, German, French | JPG | 52 Pages | 43.5 MB

Anal Sex 54 Vintage Porn Magazine Complete and Original Magazine. All Credits To mogli63 For Scans.

It was only a short step from Richard’s shop to his apartment. and an even shorter step to intimacy! Wilma wasn’t the shy type, at all! “Are you into all sides of Greek culture?- Richard asked her randily

Ever since the invention of the prick, guys have been working out ingenious methods of luring girls into erotic situations! One ploy is to pose as an internationally famous photographer. John and Andrew had their own version of this trick, preferring to be painters instead …

Harry X wasn’t known as “Dirty Harry” for nothing! Since he’d taken over a big billiard parlour in Bristol. where his customers could show the skills of a mis-spent youth, he’d also made sure that there were plenty of sexy surprises in store for them too …

Mike and William were two of Harry’s regular custo-mers, who usually turned up early in the evening for a peaceful game of pool, be-fore the place got too crowded. Their refresh-ments were taken care of by “Sexy Sadie” a topless wai-tress who fancied them both !


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