Anal Sex - Number 65 March 1987

Anal Sex – Number 65 March 1987

Anal Sex – Number 65 March 1987
English, German, French | JPG | 68 Pages | 76.4 MB

Anal Sex 65 The Kinky Trio

Featuring Models:
Kinky Trio: Régine Bourgeois
A Little Bit Of Mystery: Betty Spenser
Sexy Surprises: Buffy Davis

Karin liked her new job as secretary for Henrik and Klaus, a couple of up and com-ing businessmen who were doing very well with a chain of fast food restaurants. The work was easy. and she liked her two bosses a lot. In fact, she often fantasised what it would be like to have a sexy little scene with them… One Saturday afternoon, after a little overtime, her wet dreams be-came a thrilling reality…

Rosemarie’s new lover, Paul, was a wealthy interior decorator, whose clients were all extremely rich, and exclusively female. He was rumoured to have very special sexual tastes, and it was also common knowledge in certain circles of Dusseldorf society that when he’d finished a job, he usually “decorated” his clients’ interiors – with sperm! There was something enigmatic about Rosemarie that really intrigued him. And he liked getting to the “bottom” of mysteries!

When Alberto and Amanda met each other at a pizza res-taurant, it had been a genuine case of love at first sight. Alberto’s parents were Peruvian. and she simply adored dark, Latin-lover types. She also adored men with big moustaches like the one he sported… She just hoped that his moustache wasn’t the only big thing about him! Back at her house, she wasn’t disappointed, when she quickly dis-covered, that his cock was big too… very big indeed…!


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