Anal Sex - Number 66 June 1987

Anal Sex – Number 66 June 1987

Anal Sex – Number 66 June 1987
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Anal Sex 66 black ass fucker, plus more… The original world famous anal magazine. Color Climax special anal selection, for the lovers of the wilder kinds of sex

Even though it was Ada’s day off. the young black house-maid decided cancel her visit to town. and stick around the house instead. She’d changed her plans because she knew that Larry. an odd-job man would be doing some work at the house, after which she hoped that he would do an “odd-job- on her! Larry was good at lots of things, including fucking…

Heidi was a real book worm. She was al-ways buying books, and on the way over to her boyfriend, Karl – a randy, perverted bachelor she couldn’t resist getting some more volumes for her very impressive col-lection of literature. Karl collected books too, but not the same kind as Heidi… His library consisted solely of porno magazines! His favourite theme was anal sex, and he had indulged in this perversion more than once with Heidi. And the more she had it the more she grew to like being fucked in the arse! It really turned her on…

Julia had reached the age where many girls begin to dream about being a success in show business. And in order to fullfil these dreams of being film stars or great singers, they are ready to drop their panties. They know that sex can be the golden key to ambition! As for Julia, she soon discovered that it was her figure that interested most men, and not her talent!

Kirk returned home from work one evening, feeling tired and frustrated. Things had not gone well. and on top of that, he had lost a contract with an important client. He took a shower to freshen up, and then he lay down for a rest with his wife. a sweet girl named Sharon. “Excuse me. baby. I’ve got to make a phone-call!” he informed her… “I think I’ll take a shower too!” Sharon replied. “No. don’t! You smell good just the way you are!” he insisted…


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