Anal Sex - Number 73 May 1989

Anal Sex – Number 73 May 1989

Anal Sex – Number 73 May 1989
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Anal Sex 73 the Greek duet

“When the cat’s away. the mice will play” This expression was perfect in Mathilde’s case. Her employers were away on business, and she was alone in the house, except for Henrik, an electrician… She decided to try on some of her mistress’s kinky gear, to see what kind of an effect it would have on Henrik, who she really fancied…

Marlene’s boyfriend Freddy loved gadgets. And when his pal, Werner showed up with a little, remote controlled robot, he got his cheque-book out immediately. Werner gave them a little display of what the robot could do… “It’s fantastic!” Marlene commented with a dirty laugh. “Do you think it could shag me. if Freddy wasn’t in the mood…?”

Tilda was an “anal angel” which was very lucky for her boyfriend. Hans, who was an anal addict. She was also willing to do anything he asked her… They were having a drink one afternoon. when she said: “Hans, darling, do you remember asking me to shave my pussy? Well. I’ve done it!” Her little outburst excited him so much that his hands began to tremble. and he almost spilled his drink… “That sounds wonderful!” he replied randily. “Please. let me lick it. now…!”

Abdulah was the son of a wealthy oil sheik. who could well afford to blow a couple of hundred pounds. treating himself and his friend Stan to an evening of debauchery with a willing lady of the night. He chose a very loose-living girl called Olga… “Don’t you ever get tired of fucking?” Abdulah asked her “In my line of work. I only get tired of fucking idiots!” she replied with a laugh…


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