Anal Sex - Number 77 May 1990

Anal Sex – Number 77 May 1990

Anal Sex – Number 77 May 1990
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 84 Pages | 79 MB

Anal Sex 77 From Color Climax, Complete Magazine Scans!

Featuring Models:
Hot Arse Games – Anna Leipzig
Wheel Of Lust – Anje
Interview Screw – Dusty

Jonas was an entrepreneur with interests in many different commercial enterprises, including show-business. Having decided to finance a new musical, he insisted on “auditioning” all the chorus-girls personally. Vicki and Gerda knew that an interview with the “banker” meant only one thing…

Per and Ulla were a Danish couple who lived in the centre of Copenhagen. They had been married for a year, and the day before their anniversary, Per found some photos from their honeymoon… Memories of their passionate nights made Ulla grow very wet between her legs. One memory in particular was what made her feel so randy… She could still recall the thrill she got when Per intorduced her to the joys of anal sex…

Olaf and Robert had invented a new game: “Porno Roulette”. And in order to try it out, they invited Christine – a real prick addict they knew – to play with them… “Okay, boys, eight’s my lucky number!” she announced as soon as they were ready to begin. “Rien ne va plus! No more bets!” Robert called out as he set the wheel of fortune spinning…

As the manager of a baseball team, Joe was used to giving interviews to sporting journalists. But when Eve called him one day, saying that she would like to write a piece about him for a womans’ magazine, he was intrigued. Not only by the idea of women being interested in baseball, but also by her sexy voice. They met in a bar in Los Angeles. but Joe suggested doing the interview at his house. It would be more comfortable – not to mention a lot more intimate!


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