Anal Sex - Number 91 January 1994

Anal Sex – Number 91 January 1994

Anal Sex – Number 91 January 1994
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 38.8 MB

Anal Sex 91 Classic Anal Magazine For Adults. Featuring Porn Pics From Color Climax!

AS91.1 – French Orgy – featuring: Blondye, Christoph Clark, Yves Baillat
AS91.2 – Marcia – featuring: Sahara Sands
AS91.3 – Hungry Arse – featuring: Beatrice Valle, Joey Silvera
AS91.4 – Black Bum Buster – featuring: Nicole Mitchell, Sean Michaels
AS91.5 – Backdoor Girls – featuring: Anje, Erika
AS91.6 – Perverted Pleasure – featuring: Alexandra Quinn, James Lewis, Joey Murphy

Claudine was not naive, but on the other hand, she did not have the “sexperience” she sometimes tried to convince Maurice that she had… She was always talking about trying a menage a trois, until the day that her boyfriend arranged a surprise rendezvous with an old army pal of his. An irredeemable lecher named George. Claudine knew that her bluff had been called, but instead of trying to get…

Chantal was used to the life of wine and roses. She was very rich, and had Paris at her feet – or at her pussy, as one of her lovers so aptty put it… Having everything did not mean that Chantal was always satisfied, at least sexually speaking. She may have had money, but her cunny – not to mention her arsehole – had a constant itch that all the cash in the world could not cure. The only solution to that particular problem was a nice big prick. Her latest flame, a gigolo type called Lucien…

Linda had her own version of the expression black magic”. She had a predeliction for strong, extremely well hung negroes. Apart from her passion for well equipped black men, Linda had another, equally powerful desire: She simply loved getting arsetucked. A good cunt-fuck was all right, but it was still an hors d’oeuvres with anal-sex as the main course! When Linda met Jack in a select disco in Los Angeles, it was “lust at first sight”

There was nothing more appetising for Linda than a big black cock. The sight – not to mention the steamy aroma – sent shivers up and down her spine -and through her cunny! Jack’s penis was just her style. In fact, it was so large that it gave her severe cramps in her jaw. and threatened to suffocate her every time she took a gobble on it…

Ginny had never been able to resist a nice big prick. And d she was presented with a couple of hard male organs, her resistance became even lower! Like the time her new neighbours, a horny pair of guys named Morgan and Dennis called in to borrow some coffee and stayed to repay her kindness with one of the hottest fucks she’d ever had! Morgan was not called “Morgan the Organ” for nothing. And Ginny discovered this to her joy, after the two men had made a lightning…


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