Anal Sex – Number 97 January 1996

Anal Sex – Number 97 January 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 107 MB

Anal Sex 97 Katia enjoys her first sandwich!

Featuring Models:
Kinki Lust – Valentina Velasquez ( Pink “Outfit” ) and Elisabeth King ( Blonde )
Sexy Party – Erika Bella
Butt-Fucker – Sally Layd
Greek Game – Susanna Lerch

Stories Preview:
There is something to be said for keeping in shape, especially if one has the kind of “shape” that Anastasia and Mira had! There was only one reason the two friends had for becoming members of a keep-fit class – the promising-looking bulge in their instructor’s costume… In other words, they were more interested in Johan’s “love-muscle” than in developing muscles of their own. One afternoon, they had the class to themselves, and Anastasia was intent on showing Johan how Mira’s “chest” had developed since they had started on his course… Johan was very impressed – his big erection…

Leona and Joe were always playing little games with each other. They loved to take opposite points of view, just for the sake of an argument… One afternoon, a discussion about a trivial matter, suddenly made Leona exclaim: “I’d bet my arse on that!” Joe had everything he needed to back up his point of view. Now, it was pay up time… “I win!” he smiled hornily. “What should we use, Vaseline or butter?” The idea of fucking his girlfriend’s virgin arsehole gave Joe the biggest hard-on he could remember…

Slavonic people have a certain reputation for their exuberance. This was true, at least, of Igor and Jovan. The climate of their country was rather cold, but this did not mean that they were not hot-blooded. The two friends were folk musicians, playing balalaika and violin, but they needed a singer. And when they found Katia, they decided to celebrate with Russian Champagne, rather than the traditional vodka that tends to flow like water on such occasions… She made the perfect third side to the musical…


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