Anal Sex - Number 98 July 1996

Anal Sex – Number 98 July 1996

Anal Sex – Number 98 July 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 93 MB

Anal Sex 98 Dark Meat Sandwich, Plus More…

Featuring Models:
Anal queen = Lynn Armitage
Brown Fetish – Dagmar Lost
Kinky Girl: Nikki Randall
Hot Little Bottom – Dina Pearl
Itchy Arse: Valy Verdi

Short of selling her soul to the devil, Jessica was willing to do almost anything for money. In her business, which was the “oldest profession in the world”, she often had to put her arse on the line! And it was precisely this area of her ana-tomy that Helmut and his new business partner Klaus were interested in! Having pulled off a good business deal, the guys were in the mood…

Eloise was not crazy about sailing. On the other hand, she was crazy about Stan, the guy who managed the local marina… Stan “the man”, was used to all sorts of chicks propositioning him, so he was not sur-prised when Eloise cornered him in the boathouse and literally demanded some sexual action. What Eloise did not know was that Stan had a prediliction for the “stern” as opposed to the “bow”. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing better than “docking” his dick in a tight, warm woman’s arsehole! But she was soon to find out! Having sucked on his “mast” until it could…

When Helena’s boss went bankrupt, he took a long holiday, leaving her to deal with some of his creditors. Amongst his other assets, he had a big house that was filled with antiques and other objects of value that could be used to pay off his debts. The two assessors who had been sent to evaluate the house and its contents – a pair of horny guys named Hans and Paul – were more impressed by Helena’s sexy way of behaving than her boss’s possesions, and they decided to investigate her “assets”, before taking an inventory…

Lisette and her husband owned a little back-street café in Paris. Every day, her “better half’ had some legitimate-sounding excuse to leave the premises, but she knew that his disappearing act had something to do with his mistress… Lisette decided that what was good for the gander was good for the goose, and she found herself a lover. A horny bas-tard named Jean, who introduced her to the “Greek Technique”. Ever since, Lisette had suffered from an itchy arse, and as soon as her husband…


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