Bestsellers - Number 09 September 1991

Bestsellers – Number 09 September 1991

Bestsellers – Number 09 September 1991
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 34 Pages | 21.99 MB

Bestsellers 09 Magazine From Color Climax. The Magazine Is Not Scanned Complete By Original Uploader And All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More.

Ronny was quite ordinary. But the girls both had hearts of gold, and sometimes they simply invited a guy to let them turn a trick for him for fun and free of price. There was something boyish about him that won their hearts -not to mention their pussies! Only an idiot would have turned down such a generous invitation to an orgy – and although he was many things Ronny was no fool!

“D’you like eating pussy?” Charlene asked Ronny. crouching over his lace and not waiting for his answer. It was rather like asking an alcoholic if he liked whiskey! He slid his tongue into her crack and began to lick her like a man possessed…

Sammy thought he was dreaming. Things like this happened in his masturbation fantasies… but in reality? It was only when Chloe bent down and invited him to fuck her that he knew he was wide awake! He woke up even more, when she smiled naughtily and informed him that she liked arsefucking! He trembled with excitement as he probed her anus with two fingers. He loved anal-sex and he was sure she did. from her moans of delight…

Sue-Anne’s secret dream was to be lucked by a trio of muscular football players. In her dream, her husband was a well-known sports journalist, which gave her lots of chances to sneak into the athlete’s changing room that always smelled strongly of sweat, leather and cock!


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