Bestsellers – Number 33 July 2000

Bestsellers – Number 33 July 2000
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 100 Pages | 159.9 MB

Bestsellers 33 Porn Magazine From Color Climax

Wild Woman – Dolly Golden
Disco Fun – Rita Cardinale
Budapest Trio – Monica Sales and Giulietta Barisi

Zelda was a wild woman – to put it mildly! She had the kind of sexual fantasy that would make a bordel madame blush. Luckily, her husband was a generous kind of guy, who understood her urges, and always indulged her when her imagination ran away with her. Like the day two carpenters arrived to fix a few things around the house… Suddenly, Zelda found herself measuring their personal “tools”…

Nathalie and Serge loved to escape from Paris. One day on a picnic the weather suddenly turned nasty and they had to take shelter in a barn. “Serge, mon cheri… I find this situation quite exciting!” whispered Nathalie with a naughty look. Her lover gave her a long wet kiss and started to fondle her tender tithes… The barn began to shake as the storm raged!

Antonia was really having fun. She loved disco music and dancing, not to mention the occasional drop of wine… One evening, at her favourite discotheque (the new in place in town), she was the first to arrive and the last to leave. Well, not quite the last… George and Alfons had been watching her dance the night away, and they were determined to have the last waltz – or “last tango” with her… Antonia was slightly tipsy and in the mood for an erotic adventure, and she did not object in the least when Alfons made a rather lewd proposal… The next thing the lucky girl knew, she had a brace…


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