Bestsellers – Number 35 (2005)

Bestsellers – Number 35 (2005)
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 88 Pages | 9.87 MB

Bestsellers 35 Color Climax magazine – Lili XENE, Stacy VALENTINE, Peneloppe PUMPKINS & Mark DAVIS

Scandinvian Porno Magazine Color Climax BESTSELLERS 35 edited by Peter Theander for Color Climax Corp.
Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete – All Pages are in Full Color.
Buxom Pornstar Lili XENE : big bust black lover – Kinky Girl Nikki PLATTS XXX – big tits blonde Stacy VALENTINE fucked by Mark DAVIS (15 pages) – Peneloppe PUMPKINS banged by Mark DAVIS (18 pages) – Sexy Supper with David PERRY – Juicy Cunt – Double thrill with Nick LANG – Kinky Hostess – …

Lizbet was feeling very hungry when she got back to her hotel, after an evening at the theatre. She was also feeling very randy, having had to see the play alone, because her date had lot her down at the last minute. She would lust have to console herself with a late supper and a bottle of wine… Lizbet quickly forgot her stomach, and began to think about her tunny, when the manager ushered her into the hotel restaurant…

He looked good enough to “eat”, and so did the waiter! `Why don’t we forget about my supper!” she said. “I’d prefer to do something about my sexual appetite Instead!” she added brazenly. Lizbet was a dish, and neither the manager nor the waiter protested when she unzipped their pricks. This Is what I call a good meal!” she laughed as she took their erections and sucked them in turn…

Rumour has it that the English are reserved about sex. As a Frenchman, I was in no doubt about this. That is, until I met Gloria. She worked as a secretary for one of my business associates in London. The look in her eye and the way she spoke with her body, gave me the distinct impression that she was not employed because of her secretarial talents! I wondered why Roderick had suggested holding our meeting in her flat, and not his office. He quickly explained his choice of locations.”


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