Blue Climax - Number 06 January 1977

Blue Climax – Number 06 January 1977

Blue Climax – Number 06 January 1977
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Blue Climax 06 Elegant And Sophisticated.

Summer at Darlaroe – a small, isolated island in the Swedish archipelago. A cozy weekend cabin: peace and quiet – the perfect setting for Maiken’s and Bianca’s holiday. – ‘This is how it should be the year round,’ said Maiken smilingly while Bianca rubbed her down with sun-lotion. Maiken’s voluptuous, firm breast fascinated Bianca extremely. -‘I’m mad for your’ … whispered Bianca and began caressing Maiken’s breasts: gently she kissed the entranced Maiken’s firm, erect nipples.

Henrik had invited his friends to the new bar that had topless waitresses, and everybody was al-ready feeling pretty good. ‘An-other round, Debbie,’ Henrik ordered. – ‘I must say that you have a pair of tits worth biting into!’ he continued when she came over to the table. ‘That’s nothing compared to mine, ‘Rene pouted and opened up her blouse. A couple of lovely round and firm boobs jumped out. Henrik lost no time in fee-ling who had the most beautiful tits. But then Debbie remarked: ‘It doesn’t matter that my breasts are smaller – just as long as you like to touch them, it feels gorgeous!’

Happy Lesbians’ was the name of the little, exclusive club, that 7 lesbian girls had formed together. They met once a week at a specially arranged place where they could really let their passions flow. ‘Let’s get on with the fun,’ said Jane and pulled Susie’s T-shirt up, ‘I have been dreaming about your marvelous breasts the whole week.’ And so they went at it -the girls threw themselves lasciviously over each other!


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