Blue Climax - Number 07 June 1977

Blue Climax – Number 07 June 1977

Blue Climax – Number 07 June 1977
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Blue Climax 07 From Color Climax Company Featuring Hot Models Like Vivi Rau, Roberta Pedon And More

“If Jean-Claude knew what I was doing behind his back he’d prob-ably kill me!” sniggered Gabri-elle. She’s a happy, sex-mad little Parisien — the product of a very distinguished and respected fa-mily. Gabrielle enjoys secretly a very intense lesbian relationship. She recently enjoyed a night of “sheer pleasure” with her lover Lisette, in her elegant apartment situated in the most wealthy part of the city.

“God damn it! Of all the bloody bad luck!” swore Lene when she realised that she’d got a puncture. There was only one thing to be done: get out and try to change the wheel. She lifted the “spare” out of the boot and was about to begin, when some unexpected assistance turned up. Two very charm-ing young fellows had noticed the damsel in distress and offered their help! “Your spare’s not up to much,” remarked one of them. “I live just around the corner,” added the other, who was called Jens, “let’s go home and ring after a mechanic.” On arrival Lene was offered a drink, which she gratefully accepted. But the one drink soon became two, and not long after, a third, fourth and fifth had dis-appeared down the hatch! Jens pas-sionately kissed Lene, while Lars busied himself with the proffered moist cunt!

Dr. Jensen diagnosed that his patient was in good health. However, he realised that she required a treatment not normally administered by a doctor!

“I should never have shown those damn girls, the electronic ping-pong game!” thought Ted-dy, looking a little angrily at the two girls, Ruth and Lis. “They’ll spend the whole evening on that bloody game!” At last he lost his patience and with it his temper. “Honestly girls,” he said as he angrily switched off the set, “it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, when I invited you round.” He stood up and went over to Lis. “I had some-thing a bit more like this in mind,” he laughed pulling her knickers down. “Yeah, I thought as much,” replied Lis, “it was what I’d expected of you!” She grabbed his stiff prick eagerly and began to suck wildly.


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