Blue Climax – Number 20 January 1982

Blue Climax – Number 20 January 1982
English, German, French | JPG | 96 Pages | 60.3 MB

Blue Climax 20 Blue Climax Porn Magazines, elegant and sophisticated.

Featuring Models:
Rose Torres
Leslie = Yvonne Daye aka Dana Dennis (in a wig, most likely) with Randy West
CC Felicia
CC Fatima

Featuring Stories:
Thanks to the precocious development of her body – as well as her mind – this beautiful and spicy hot Mexican chick will never get bored. “Even when I was at school, the bigger guys were always trying to grab my titties or my arse …!” Conchita begins with a smile that proves that she’s not lying! “Later on, when I lost my virginity, I used to offer my school-mates a free fuck, anytime … any place! Even at that age, I was already beginning to feel extremely horny every minute of the day … and night, when I wasn’t sleeping ..!”

Erling was Margit and Jenny’s best confidante, at the “Lucky Strike” bar, where the two high class call girls always used to meet. “What d’you think of my new playsuit!” Margit asked proudly. “Wow! You’d better watch out, otherwise you’ll get attacked by one of the randy customers tonight!” Jenny laughed. “If not by me!” the handsome barman declared. He was in a state of extreme sexual excitement. In fact he only ever had one thing on his mind, namely: sex!

His handsome, very athletic image gave Simon W the perfect image for his clients or rather: “fans”, at his health farm in Florida. The-re was such an air of fitness about him – not to mention sex – and Leslie, for example, just couldn’t resist the good-looking muscular gentleman’s brand of animal magnetism. After her gymnastic hour, she declared her love for him on the spot! That was great for Simon – who never failed to become very aroused at the sight of the ladies … “You know you make me very hot, Miss Leslie! D’you realise that?” he said with his typical off-hand manner.

It wasn’t the first time that Agnete had had engine trouble with her car – which she unknowingly always treated badly. But to compensate, she never had trouble finding a helping hand. She waved down a passing motorcyclist. He examined the motor and said: “I’m afraid it’s the crankshaft! I’d better take you to the nearest garage! I know where there is one, it won’t take long!”


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