Blue Climax - Number 23 January 1983

Blue Climax – Number 23 January 1983

Blue Climax – Number 23 January 1983
English, German, French | JPG | 96 Pages | 56.23 MB

Blue Climax 23 Quick Pick up – Come on Boys, Paris Pleasure plus more… Blue Climax Porn Magazines, elegant and sophisticated.

Featuring Models:
Michelle Bauer
CC Nana
Relaxing Massage = CC Model Mette
Paris Pleasure = Uschi Karnat

Featuring Stories:
Ricki didn’t like wasting time with girls that he’d picked up – and Alma was no exception to his rule! He had a very simple attitude to women: “Find them, fondle them, fuck them and forget them!” Having found Alma, it only remained to get her back to her place. “Come on, darling!” he suggested hornily, let’s go back to your flat for a drink … and you know what …!”

You should have told me about this place before … its great!” Rob told his mate enthusiastically as two lovely masseuses took loving care of them as they relaxed in a tub in the parlour’s luxurious bathroom, like a pair of Oriental potentates. But this is my first visit too!” Olaf replied. “But it won’t be the last he added randily as Zena refilled his glass of gin. “Yeah, this is the life alright!” Rob had to admit as Mette caressed his aching back with a big sponge …

Mischievous looking Mimi from Miami, Florida, is a girl who’s always prepared to take a chance – especially on love! “My daddy was a gambler!” she ex-plains, “and he would bet on anything! I guess that’s where I got my adventurous nature from!” Mimi’s happy-go-lucky life style has led her into lots of situations – most of them sexual! “I love to fuck!” she confesses frankly, “and any attractive guy I meet, is somewhat of a challenge!” she continues, “And I just have to make a bet with my self on how long it will take to get him into bed!”

Eddie was a high class ponce who ran one of the fanciest call-girl set-ups in New York. Whenever he recruited a new girl, he insisted on trying her out personally. When Charlene, a pretty blonde from out of town, intimated that she wanted a job, she was told to turn up at a Long Island apartment. occupied by Eddie’s girlfriend Rochelle. And to be ready for action, as soon as he showed up!

When Gabrielle arrived in Copenhagen from her sunny Barbados home. she booked in at her hotel and then went for a walk. The main purpose behind her stroll about town was to find the address of her pen-pal, Troels. so that she could pay him a visit, to find out it he was as sexy as the mental picture she’d drawn of him


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