Blue Climax - Number 27 April 1984

Blue Climax – Number 27 April 1984

Blue Climax – Number 27 April 1984
English, French, German | 116 Pages | JPG | 71 MB

Blue Climax 27 Porn Magazine by Color Climax

If you’re looking for the ultimate in elegant erotica, the only choice has got to be Blue Climax! This Magazine is packed from cover to cover with the most gorgeous girls in sophisticated erotic action. And each page is filled with sexy surprises that put Blue Climax into a class of it’s own!

The big limousine rolled majestically to a stop outside the palatial house. and Max – Rudi’s ex-batman and now private chauffeur – stood politely to attention as he opened the door of the car for his employer and his new bride. Mona was very wet between her legs, she’d been anticipating a nice fuck with Rudi even during the wed-ding ceremony! She was simply dying to get her hands on his dick! -Come. my darling, let me lead you over the threshold!” Rudi urged her. leading her up the steps of the house…

Johnny was a master at picking up girls. So he wasn’t unduly surprised when Jolene accepted his invitation to go back to his place with him. They had only met half an hour previously at an exclusive little art-gallery in Los Angeles. but Johnny’s silver tongue always worked with the ladies! He wanted to get into Jolene’s pants just as quickly as he’d picked her up. and lost no time getting straight to the point!

It was by chance that Britta suddenly recognised a guy she’d met in a discotheque a couple of weeks before. And before she could say anything, he exclaimed: “Dear God! What a village Copenhagen really is! You’re the girl I met n that disco near the Town Hall Square, aren’t you?” Jens asked her, forgetting her name at first. “I can tell you something,” he informed her gallantly, “You were the belle of the ball! Oh, by the way,” he continued, introducing her to his companion, “this is my very good friend, Niels!” “And this is Susanne!” Britta replied.


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