Blue Climax - Number 28 July 1984

Blue Climax – Number 28 July 1984

Blue Climax – Number 28 July 1984
English, German, French | JPG | 96 Pages | 102 MB

Blue Climax 28 Porn Magazine by Color Climax

If you’re looking for the ultimate in elegant erotica, the only choice has got to be Blue Climax! This Magazine is packed from cover to cover with the most gorgeous girls in sophisticated erotic action. And each page is filled with sexy surprises that put Blue Climax into a class of it’s own!

Johnny’s technique as a musician was almost as le-gendary as the amount of women he was supposed to have screwed. And being so experienced, he didn’t waste time with any formalities… “Listen, you two foxes!” he began straight away, as they settled back into the plush, darkened interior of his li-mousine, “I don’t have much time, so if you want to get yourselves a piece of John-ny Dark’s dick, you’ve got about half an hour, starting from now…!” Angie and Chris didn’t need a second invitation… Johnny Dark’s dick was the only thing that they were there for!

Lisbeth was feeling very pissed off! Who wouldn’t be when their date didn’t show up? “I’ll teach him!” she thought to herself, making her way to the nearest phone and calling Jan, one of her old flames. Jan invi-ted her over for sympathy – plus whatever else he could give her…

The nice thing about having a very rich daddy, is that one can have anything one de-sires… And that’s exactly what happened when Julie’s father asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she replied: “Two good-look-ing horny lovers!” A short phone call was all that was needed to arrange for a couple of professional “Lo-tharios” – two horny studs called Mike and Gerry – to come over to Julie’s palatial town house, to service her.

Adele was a fast driver and was always in trouble with the cops from the Highway Patrol. That’s why she cursed to herself as she looked in her rear-view mirror and saw the speed-cop… “Damn it! Now I’ll have to pay another fine… unless of course I get a little cute…” Adele pulled over and waited for him to park his motor bike, then opened the door of her Porsche, exposing her thighs and panties at the same time…

Mette and Erika were inseparable, and shared everything, including their car, which was giving them some problems. They called a cou-ple of mechanics from a nearby ga-rage, and when they arrived, the girls led them down to the parking place, to show them the car. “It’s only a minor problem!” Soren, one of the mechanics informed them having taken a quick look…


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