Blue Climax - Number 29 December 1984

Blue Climax – Number 29 December 1984

Blue Climax – Number 29 December 1984
English, German, French | JPG | 96 Pages | 104.67 MB

Blue Climax 29 stock brokers enjoying their share of Sarah, plus more… High class photography plus hot juicy girls, learning about love & lust

Featuring Models:
Horny Hangover: Donna Berkeley
Hot Little Orgy: Ursula Gaussmann
Spanish Rapture: Patricia Pasquale
“Hot Little Orgy” story also features Paola Pasetti
Linda = Lisa Medow

Brighton Pier is a good place to sit and get some early morning fresh air, to help blow away the mists of a heavy hangover. And that’s exactly what I was doing after a particularly boozy party. I was also sulking because my unfaithful cow of a wife had gone off with one of her lovers, leaving me stranded – or so I thought!

Looks can be very deceptive – as well as succulently seductive – and lovely looking Linda from Berkley in California is a perfect example of this phenomena. Believe it or not, before she took up po-sing for sexy, provocative pictures, this auburn-haired beauty, with the “come to bed” eyes was one of the chief figures in a new religious movement – there’s one formed every day in California – that concerned itself with censoring the sex out of everything! “I was one of the ‘blue pencil brigade’!” she tells us, quite frankly posing sensually for the camera at the same time.

Having a wealthy daddy meant that Sukie could afford to part with enormous consultation fees, to have her analyst tell her what she already knew – she was pathelogically horny! She could also afford the only cure she knew for her condition: To hold orgies in the sumptous house she derisively refer-red to as: “My San Pedro Slum!”


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