Blue Climax - Number 30 February 1985

Blue Climax – Number 30 February 1985

Blue Climax – Number 30 February 1985
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Blue Climax 30 where each page is filled with sexy surprises that put Blue Climax into a class of it’s own! Here is the 3/4 of the magazine. The missing part is a Tracy Lord’s photoset.

A cavalry officer without a horse is like a porno-movie without fucking! Rory’s horse had thrown him an hour earlier, and with nothing injured but his pride, he started the long trek home across the Indian reservation… He’d been walking for half an hour or so, when he ran into Little Pussy, a young, randy squaw, who he’d been dying to screw since first seeing her with her father, who had taken her with him to the trading post at the fort…

One of my pals described Paris as “Sin City”. And as sin is my favourite preoccupation, I took the first available flight, to find out if what he said was true… It was! Having visited several clubs, I ended up in a disco-bar which was just about to close. My hostess invited me to stick around, promising me an interesting experience if I did, and arousing my curiosity…

Kristine’s father was a writer, with a couple of books in the best sellers lists in Germany, France and England. Having left her alone in their apartment for a week, whilst he went to London to do a T.V. interview, he was unaware that one of his less successful colleagues – who knew about his trip – had planned to visit his daughter… And that he didn’t intend to discuss literature with her…

Lisa and Johnny were in a state of indecision… They’d spent the whole of Saturday in bed, fucking, and were supposed to be getting ready to go out to a party. They were both half dressed, and in a very relaxed mood… “I don’t feel like going out tonight!” Lisa informed him with a sexy smile, “I’m still in the mood for more of that gorgeous cock of your’s!” she continued hornily, climbing onto Johnny’s lap and grinding her bottom into his crutch, making his tool grow stiff…


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