Blue Climax – Number 32 September 1985

Blue Climax – Number 32 September 1985
English, German, French | JPG | 96 Pages | 92.53 MB

Blue Climax 32 Blue Climax Porn Magazines, elegant and sophisticated.

As well as being the “City of Light”, Paris is also known as the “City of Sin”, and has several luxurious little hotels where nymphomanic women are known to have fun with rich, distinguished men… These lustful women do it exclusively for pleasure. One of the regular visitors to such a palace of erotics was a certain Anise, a lewd beauty from Reunion near Madagacar, whose family were very old fashioned and extremely bourgeoise in their ideas…

Armand de V… belonged to the old French aristocracy and was very proud of his background. One day, he invited a really fine lady to his superb house on the out-skirts of Versailles. Yolande was the daughter of a wealthy Parisian art dealer who specialised in religious paintings… People from the upper class always man-age to maintain a facade of being decent, even if they’re not!

Helmut was the kind of guy who really liked to take care of himself, by going to the hairdresser at least twice a month for a trim and a manicure. Apart from that, he paid frequent visits to a masseuse, to keep him feeling in the very best of form. Helmut’s hairdresser was a very sexy lady by the name of Hanne, who also had a very sexy assistant named Lena. Helmut was their last customer of the day and he arrived ten minutes late for his appointment. “Sorry, I couldn’t find a parking space!” he informed Hanne apologetically. “I hope that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to do a rush-job on me!” he added as an afterthought. Hanne didn’t mind at all…

Werner’s favourite sex-trick worked every time! In reality he was a portrait photographer, specialising in groups such as wedding parties or class photographs. But whenever he was out on a cunt hunt, he pretended to be a famous fashion photo-grapher. And when he met Wilma, it wasn’t long before he’d convinced her that she’d be on the cover of Vogue…


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