Blue Climax - Number 54 February 1993

Blue Climax – Number 54 February 1993

Blue Climax – Number 54 February 1993
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 120 MB

Blue Climax 54 melina and isabel are always hot for a portion of prick. High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust
Scanned By ATSOUDI In High Quality

Featuring Models:
Hungry For Love – Trinity Loren
Hot Little Pussies – Carmen Castellano (Brunette) and Marianne Aubert (Blond)
High Flying Fuckers – Giulietta Barisi
Embassy Affair – Sally (Black Girl)
Jayne – Bunny Jo Tyler
Embassy Affair Blonde maid is Joyce CC Model

Featuring Stories:
Soldiers are well known for being a horny bunch of bastards, and Johnny was no exception! He was on leave after eight weeks of manoeuvres – or in his own words: “Two months without the sight, feel or smell of a pussy!” His girlfriend Laura, was really looking forward to seeing him again. She knew that his balls would be full and that his libido would be working in overdrive. Johnny was a crack shot with a rifle, but it was his big -howitzer” that she was waiting to get between her legs again…

Melina and Isabel loved Ibiza. The island paradise had just the right climate to suit their hot natures. And there were always lots of wealthy men that they could get their hooks into, when they were running a bit low on spending money. They thought that a little pussy was fair ex-change for the price of a couple of meals. Alvarez shared their opinion! He had money to burn, and they had cunny to burn! What arrangement could be better?!

Andrea was a member of the exclusive “Mile-High Club”. That is to say, she had been shagged in an aeroplane whilst flying at over six thousand feet. Her job as a stewardess in a little charter firm gave her plenty of opportunity to practise her naughty in-flight games, and several satisfied passengers had disembarked with more than just piss-stains decorating their underwear…

Conny was the wife of an African diplomat, who found living in a European capital to be boring. But luckily, she had a way of relieving the boredom. For one thing, she had Joyce, her personal maid, who was always available for a little lesbian fun whenever she fancied it. For another, she knew two young, well-to-do gentlemen, who considered entertaining lonely ladies to be their vocation in life! All it took was a simple phone call, and a little while later, Harry and Jack were…


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