Blue Climax - Number 56 September 1993

Blue Climax – Number 56 September 1993

Blue Climax – Number 56 September 1993
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 121.02 MB

Blue Climax 56 High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust

Melvin had a thing about girls from the Orient. They had the kind of looks and a special charm that made his knees turn to jelly and his prick to iron! Nikki was no exception. Even though she was an all American girl, she still believed in a lot of the traditional values her mother had taught her. Especially the one about pleasing a man in every way he desires. Luckily, Melvin didn’t have any special wishes. He liked his sex straight. And if he fantasised a little, Nikki’s cunt was so tight that he could have imagined it was an arsehole!

Hans owned a little strip-tease cabaret in Amsterdam’s famous red-light district. Peter was his stage-manager, and was responsi-ble for breaking in new girls as well as organising the shows. When a new girl applied for work, she always had a private audition. And Mona was no exception…

When Martha’s boyfriend Alex, asked her if she’d mind posing for him, so that he could try out his new camera, she agreed. Alex had some innocent shots in mind, but Martha, who was a randy little cow, intended to use the lithe photo-session as an excuse to start something sexual. After a few minutes, she pulled down the front of her blouse and gave him a suggestive smile…


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