Blue Climax - Number 61 May 1995

Blue Climax – Number 61 May 1995

Blue Climax – Number 61 May 1995
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 88.19 MB

Blue Climax 61 rich little bitch with a hot itch. High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust

Featuring Models:
French Lust Trio – Rebecca Lord (Light Blue Top)
Anastasia Aurea (Black Dress)
Foxy Fucker – Joyce Jerome
Hot Sandwich – Olga Pechova
Fashion Fuckers – Odette Burel (Blond)
Christine Black (Brunette)
Black Passion – Jay Sweet

Allan was a foxy guy with a penchant for exotic-looking girls. That is why he got an instant hard-on when he saw Amanda… Getting to know her was easier than he had expected, and when he discovered that she was a hopeful model, a crafty plan began take shape in his mind… “Why don’t you promote yourself on video!” he suggested. “I’ve got a camera and some good contacts in the business!” he added. Amanda did not need much persuasion, and the next day, the two of them met by the harbour… After an hour of filming, Allan turned oft the camera…

Sandra was a rich little bitch, who lived in house like an oriental palace… She was used to getting everything she wanted at a moment’s notice – and that included getting laid! Pablo and Benny were very impressed with the architecture. when they came to clean her swimming-pool, but they were even more impressed by the way Sandra was built! Not to mention the way she kept…

When Alicia got divorced, the alimony settlement left her very comfortably off. There was money enough for everything she needed, including her own dress-maker, a very talented negro named, Gregory. Gregory wasn’t gay, but being a foxy kind of guy, he decided to act like a -fairy”. It fitted his image as a “seam-stress”, and he also found that it made his clients feel very safe with him…


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