Blue Climax - Number 63 February 1996

Blue Climax – Number 63 February 1996

Blue Climax – Number 63 February 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 101.1 MB

Blue Climax 63 High class photography plus hot juicy school girls, learning about love & lust

Featuring Models:
Flying Orgy – Timea Margot (White Top) and Monica Orsini (Black Top)
French Lust – Rosa Caracciolo
Neighbour Fucker – Dominique Simone
Arsehole Service – Valy Verdi

Anton ran his little airline company by his own rules. He was a member of the exclusive “Mile-high Club”, whose only membership rule was to have fucked or have been fucked when the machine was in the air. If there was a screwable female in sight, he simply switched to automatic pilot and went into one of his many seduction routines… Lots of girls had been lucky enough to play with his “joystick”, and Kristina and Nana were no exception! Five minutes after take-off, he switched over…

According to one of Roger’s best friends, he had seduced half the girls in Paris. An exaggeration may-be, but on the other hand, Roger did have a little black book with hundreds of names in it… When he met Michelle at a party, he was determined to have her, but he decided to wait until the next day… Michelle was charmed by the bouquet of roses he brought with him, but even more affected by the pure sexual magnetism that he emanated. She knew why he had come to visit her, the look…

We live in the age of the “Information-network”. Everything is computerised, but luckily, we still have not reached the point where we men need a “cyborg” to take care of our sexual duties! And as for most girls, they still dream of a white wedding with all the trappings… Nevertheless, there are times when the bridegroom might need a little assistance on his wedding night… Or where he might like to give his bride an extra-special honeymoon present. George was a very generous guy, who wanted to give his wife everything…

Denise had everything a girl could wish for: a nice apartment in a select residential area of Los Angeles, a new car and a fat monthly cheque from her sugar-daddy, who called by once in while if he felt like a fuck… She also had the kind of figure and looks that would have made a good natural cure for impotence! Her lover’s infrequent visits meant that she was often frustrated and in need of a nice hard cock to take care of the itch in her cunny… Her new neighbour Frank, had a sixth-sense when it came to girls who needed sex…


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