Blue Climax - Number 66 July 1997

Blue Climax – Number 66 July 1997

Blue Climax – Number 66 July 1997
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 108 MB

Blue Climax 66 is a magazine mixture of hardcore and softcore picture sets.
Item is in Very Good Condition and Complete – All Pages are in Full Color.
Featuring : Sandwich Lovers – Secret Fuck – Anal Music – Two Hot Holes -…

Black Pornstar Anna AMORE XXX with Mike HORNER & friend (18 pages of Porn Pictures) – Pornstar Rebecca LORD as a Maid fucked by Yves BAILLAT & Richard LANGIN (22 pages) – Redhead Pornstar PAPILLON ass fucked (20 pages of Porno Pics) – BGG Anal Triangle with Aniko HARNAL & Nicolette FALUDI with Jolth WALTON – Nikola Abramides fucked by David PERRY – …Black beauty Anna Amore went from being an erotic dancer to porn star in easy fashion doing. Known for her soft-core work and fetish films, this busty Nubian goddess always gives 100% into everything she does. If erotic and sensual fuels your desires, then you must see what Anna has to offer. This exotic babe can take simple tasks like lounging out by the pool or relaxing on a couch to a sexual experience you wont soon forget.

Nicolette FALUDI
Rebecca LORD

Black Girls & Busty Black
Rebecca Lord is crazy about cock and she’s come dressed to kill. Watch this cum-hungry French beauty suck at our love muscle with equal abandon, trying to outdo each other with the strongest sucking action and be the first to get us to cum.

All models, actresses or actors featured in this magazine are certified by the publishers to be of legal age (over age 18).

Stories Preview:

The two men were studying a road map, trying to find the quickest way to an auction in the provinces, when Valerie interrupted them… “You don’t need a map to find out where my pussy is!” she informed them with a naughty smile. “I suppose you’ve got a motorway up your skirt!” Albert replied cheekily. “Let’s take a drive!” he added…

As far as Julie was concerned, infidelity was the name of the game. Her boyfriend, Mack – a wealthy stockbroker – often speculated about what she got up to when he was not home. But on the other hand, he was just as unfaithful as she was. He was prepared to accept her “flirtations”, as he called them, as long as she was home when he wanted to fuck her… It was a great arrangement! One morning, Mack was about to drive into Los Angeles, for a business meeting, when he decided…


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