Blue Climax - Number 69 June 1998

Blue Climax – Number 69 June 1998

Blue Climax – Number 69 June 1998
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 107.63 MB

Blue Climax 69 Magazine Sandra gets fucked by two muscle cocks, plus more… High class photography plus hot juicy girls, learning about love & lust.

When the Americans call a girl: “nasty”, they don’t mean that she is an unpleasant person. It is another way of saying: hot and sexy… Sandra was “nasty” in the best sense of the word. That is why she jumped at the chance of taking some pictures of a couple of promising muscle men from her local keep-fit club. Janos and Viktor had nothing against journalists, especially…

“Hi! My name is Marion, and I can’t help it that I was blessed with a lot more than an average girl can find to fill her bra! I’m a little kinky too – why do you think I do the washing up in such sophisticated underwear? The answer – if you haven’t already guessed -is that I know my `assets’ can get a guy to load his pants like my boobs load a 44 D-cup -to bursting point! I love the feeling of a hard, gristly cock in my hand, in between my tits, or in my mouth – not to mention all the other intimate little ‘places’ I’ve got!

Nobody likes being put in jail. Especially when they have not done any-thing illegal. Andras just happened to be unlucky that the girl he was caught with, fucking in his car was the Police Chief’s daughter! When his lawyer, a sexy little number named Vera, arrived at the police station the next day, with a bail bondsman, Andras was prepared to say – or do -anything to get out of the lock-up…


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