Blue Climax - Number 70 September 1998

Blue Climax – Number 70 September 1998

Blue Climax – Number 70 September 1998
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Blue Climax 70 a girl gets more cock that she can handle, plus more… High class photography plus hot juicy girls, learning about love & lust.

Three way Fuck Gina Wild
Mega Tit Dream Minka
Erotic Work Jay Sweet
Kinky Hostess Joana (iafd)

Dreams – like other kinds of fantasies – still have reality as a backcloth. Amelia had dreams, extremely erotic ones, where she performed acts that she would never have “dreamed” of when she was awake… A late night cafe, an itchy cunny, two horny guys, a few drinks and bingo! “I need a fuck now!” she heard herself informing two total strangers. It was as though her companions had already read the script!

Lilliane was a challenge to the fashion world. Nobody could design a blouse that could contain her “mega-tits”! She was simply “busting” out all over! Mac had millions in the bank -not to mention a prick that matched the size of his current account! What could a man that has everything want? Something unique, like Lilliane’s huge boobs, for example! Mac was like a lot of red-blooded Americans. He loved Mom, apple-pie and breasts – the bigger the better! He almost had a heart-attack – not to mention a “hard-attack” – the first time he stared down Lilliane’s cleavage. Her “twin peaks” gave him vertigo…

Whenever Tania’s boyfriend went missing, she knew just where to find him… She did not mind that the local billiard hall was his second home. She was much happier with the idea of him playing a few frames instead, of playing with a strange pussy! One afternoon, Tania’s cunt ached unbearably. She needed a big prick to stop the “pain”… Ivan had just finished a game with his friend Peter, when Tania turned up…

Alicia was nervous about how she would impress her new boss, a handsome negro named Harvey… He was a lawyer with a big reputation, but what she did not know, was that he was also a man with a big “thing” about blondes… something else she did not know was that Harvey liked country music, and that she bore a certain resemblance to a singer who gave him a hard-on every time he saw, or heard her… Normally, Harvey was all-business, but business is one thing – and pleasure is another! “You remind of someone who turns me on!” he confessed…


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