Blue Climax – Number 72 December 1999

Blue Climax – Number 72 December 1999
English, German, French, Spanish | JPG | 116 Pages | 130 MB

Blue Climax 72 the Pussy Party and Sexy Treatment, Plus More… Blue Climax Porn Magazines, Elegant and Sophisticated.

Inside You Will Found:
Dru and Dina had every reason to celebrate. Their catering firm was now a year old and a huge success. While blonde-haired Dru took care of the book keeping, her dark-haired partner, Dina handled their advertising and customer relations. All the cooking was left to brilliant young Marco, an award winning chef. But Dru and Dina had long wondered if he possessed other talents than just culinary ones!

Carola was the queen of Amsterdam’s red light district. For three reasons. First, because she genuinely loved men and all the things they could accomplished with their deliciously hard cocks. (The last two reasons for her popularity you can see for yourself from these pictures!) But Carola had to admit that the life of a high-class whore could get a bit mundane. Especially when most of her clients showed little imagination. But one day a randy young stud named Ronnie entered her place of business.

Eva was proud of her skills as a hotel pedicurist, but unfortunately it was mostly boring old men or bitchy old women who utilized her services. But one day her luck changed. Two businessmen were visiting Budapest, and this fun-loving duo made her laugh right from the start. Eva found it difficult to concentrate on servicing them as they joked and complimented her on her looks. The one named Karl said, “It must be hopeless trying to make a horse like my friend Horst into a human being!”

Katlin had been working in a posh Prague hotel for a year, and she was growing tired of the rich older men who stayed there. But one night, just as she was about to close up the billiard bar, a handsome younger man sauntered in. He ordered a drink and a Cuban cigar. And as Katlin lit it for him, he coolly remarked, “There’s only one thing in the whole world I like better than the taste of a good cigar!”

Babette and Erik had been a couple for almost six months and Babette was growing afraid that their love-making would soon become boring and routine. So she decided to liven things up. “Darling,” she murmured. “Today we’re going to play a special game. Roll these dice, and if you roll a seven you get to play with my pussy. If you roll anything else you have to wash the dis-hes!” Erik didn’t like those odds, but he did want to play with her sweet smelling twat! But Erik was in luck!

Featuring Models:
Pussy Party – Dru Berrymore (Blond)
Fuck For Free – Angelique dos Santos
Sexy Treatment – Zora Banks
Cigar Lover – Nancy Lee
Babette (Horny Gambler) = Caroline Cage


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