Blue Climax - Number 75 October 2002

Blue Climax – Number 75 October 2002

Blue Climax – Number 75 October 2002
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF/JPG | 116 Pages | 92 MB/125 MB

Blue Climax 75 a hostess good to touch, plus more… High class photography plus hot juicy girls, learning about love & lust
This is the first “Blue Climax” issue under the Silwa/ZBF Public, but I will keep posting them at Color Climax Magazines Category. High Quality Scanned By ATSOUDI

There are always coincidences in life. It was ten years back that Julia and Robert went to school together. They lost sight of each other after that – as one says. And that, although they didn’t just know each other by sight at the time. They were a couple on and off back then, had fucked each other. – So they had a lot to catch up on and, of course, took a gander down memory lane. It was obvious that old desires would awaken again.

It’s unbelievable how many teenage bitches still believe that the way to a career in movies runs via the casting couch. I go to a disco and simply tell them that I’m an assistant director with a film company and I’m on the look out for a particular sort of girl. In no time at all I’ve got women all over me. I only need to ask who’s got time for a discussion and screen test the day after in my office. That’s how I met Isabella. Before she’d been talking about herself for too long she was lying on the couch and showing me her breasts. Not bad at all is what I say. I wonder if her parents know what she’ll do for a film role? I certainly don’t mind, if there’s anything I like it’s beautiful bouncy breasts!

Moni and Frank are always telling me about their video evenings. Although they never mentioned that later in the evening they also watch sex films. So I went to there house one evening on my own. And I have to admit that after watching the sex film I was quite hot. I realised that much from my panties, they were soaking wet from my pussy juice. You could even smell the aroma stemming from my pussy. Moni and Frank had already realised it as well.

They both moved on me straight away. Helped me get out of my clothes and one of them greeted my pussy directly. I don’t mind that at all, a flink warm tongue in my crack. Go deeper, play with my clit, that really turns me on.

The guys were in a great mood. After some wet foreplay with his tongue he started to fondle my pussy with his hand. He pulled my labia lips apart and as an aperitif he pushed his finger into my cunt. The other one was happy for me to tender to him. He had a huge hard cock and when I pulled back his fore-skin I discovered the huge dark-red head of his cock.. I sucked and licked at his dick for a while – he nearly came as I was doing it.

But then they turned their attention to my holes. They took turns to fuck my cunt, while I switched from sucking one cock to the other. They really started to get excited. as I began to massage and squeeze their balls. The grunted like bulls, but kept on fucking me. I thought to myself: I’m going to get every last drop out of their gonads, and smiled to myself. But I knew that I would draw out their orgasms as long as I could.


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