Blue Climax - Number 87 July 2006

Blue Climax – Number 87 July 2006

Blue Climax – Number 87 July 2006
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Blue Climax 87 Porn Magazine For Adults Only

Jana comes via an advert straight from a Polish farm. She’s struggling with the language still. But she knows about big round udders. She loves it when I suck her nipples. she gives me a blow job and smiles at me. She grabs my dick and slides it up her cunt. I don’t have to show her what an anal fuck is — she’s already had plenty of experience.

Often when I’m at home on my own I stick my plastic friend between my legs and dream about being a high-class whore, fucking two guys. Do you want to fuck or are we going to waste the whole evening. Show me what you’re made of. Boys, we should put this equip-ment to good use! I can already tell that one of them likes my arse. Slowly he slides his cock in my pussy -lovely, now he’s stuffing my cunt!

My dreams are getting wilder and steamier – they’re fucking both holes – fantastic, I’m getting a climax. Just keep going, guys – that was only the beginning. I want you to fuck me deep inside – yeaaahh, that’s sexy – now I want you to use my arse. – Yeaahhh, it’s dirty, its naughty – I’m going to come again. My pussy is dripping in juice, it’s running down my thighs.


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