Climax Cavalcade - Number 06 December 1979

Climax Cavalcade – Number 06 December 1979

Climax Cavalcade – Number 06 December 1979
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Climax Cavalcade 06 Vintage Porn Magazine Full In Color

For nearly a year Prei had been working in a bar on the holiday resort island of Phuket. it was a long time – especially when one’s loved one was sitting so far away in Bangkok. Judy was very happy that her “angel” had at last returned. She was also very randy – but so was Prei!

It was at the office, I was doing overtime. I’d never met John to speak to, but of course I’d seen him around at the office, and of course I was a bit keen on him. I had no idea that he was doing overtime too, when I went to the loo …

Angela’s short account seemed to shatter the last, invisible barrier between the two couples. The fleeting, loaded atmosphere seemed to ignite and burst forth as Angela said, “Ever since then we’ve both shaved off our hairs. We like it best that way – you seem to get so much closer to each other when it’s skin against skin.” Leering Frank asked, “Then how do you look now?” Without the least embarrassment, Angela got up and hitched up her dress, revealing a perfectly shaven mound. This turned out to be the signal for inhibitions to fall.


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