Climax Cavalcade - Number 08 July 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 08 July 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 08 July 1980
English, German, French | JPG | 32 Pages | 29.92 MB

Climax Cavalcade 08 Porn Magazine Featuring Stories Like Lene, A Meal With a Difference, Breast Action.

Lene is 24 summers old, and she has already hooked the perfect husband. He is rolling in money and is often away on business trips -so as a rule, Lene has both time and money for her favorite hobbies: strangers and fast cars. When you see her behind the wheel of her BMW, you understand why her friends call her “Lightening Lene”.

“Is there anything more refreshing than a bath before lunch?” said Freddy, winking at Lene. The two couples had just returned from the swimming pool and had sat down to lunch without a stitch on their bodies. “Now this is what gives me an appetite!” grinned Freddy, star-ing at Lene’s tits!

Brown as nougat – and just as sweet -Dorothy from the Dutch Antilles is al-ways lusting after a fat cock! So much so, that she often sneaks into the toilet of the luxury hotel, where she works as a hairdresser, to wank with the handle of a hairbrush. When Dorothy isn’t working, but still feels the urge, she gets herself off with a big rubber prick!

“Well, here’s to a long and lasting friendship!” said Pia, as she smiled coyly and winked at her new girlfriend. When she had emptied her glass, she pulled open her dress, to reveal a pair of large breasts. “What gorgeous tits!” Marianne whispered, and began tenderly kissing Pia’s nipp-les. At the same time, she ran her hands round their full softness.


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