Climax Cavalcade - Number 11 September 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 11 September 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 11 September 1980
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Complete Magazine Vintage Erotic Porn Climax Cavalcade 11 September 1980 From Color Climax

Trine is a Norwegian girl studying Scandinavian literature at Copenhagen University. She manages to earn enough money as a photo-model to pay for her keep. “I’m lucky,” she explains, “to be able to earn good money for only a few hours work. I don’t give a damn if some people do think that it’s immoral to appear in porno movies or mags – I enjoy it!”

“Betty has it right now,” thought Marianne enthusiastically, “her colleague is simply beautiful — she has an especially erotic appeal, that can make me so horny.” Marianne sipped on her cola an eyed the two blonde girl friends. Now it was merely a matter of getting the slightly reserved Christina into the game — according to Betty she had not yet experienced any lesbian adventures. “I thought you had a bra on,” said Marianne boldly and laid her hand on Christina’s breast. “I never wear a bra,” smiled Christina. “Oh, and it’s so much more exciting that way,” sighed Marianne.

When Roberto boasted that he’d picked up two French girls and invited them over to see a blue movie, Peter and Walther didn’t believe him. They soon changed their minds, when the girls, not only showed up, but quickly got into the spirit of things.

Nathalie and Catherine were both feeling horny. They pretended to be a little shy, but really they were ready for anything. Their randy hosts weren’t about to let them down. Peter busied himself, sucking Nathalie’s nip-ples – he’d always adored large soft tits -whilst Walther followed his friend’s example and began to lick hungrily at Catherine’s boobs. Roberto quickly took the opportunity to push his fat, throbbing cock into Cathe-rine’s wet willing mouth.


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