Climax Cavalcade - Number 12 September 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 12 September 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 12 September 1980
English, German, French | JPG | 32 Pages | 29.9 MB

Climax Cavalcade 12 New scans and complete magazine! Hope you like it! Scanned By ATSOUDI

Arne strolled confidently up to the two girls who were trying to understand a map of the city in Copenhagen’s famous Town Hall Square. His offer of showing them around Tivoli with his mate Christian, was accepted with the greatest pleasure.

Traudel and Doris, natives of Vienna, soon took a real liking to the fun loving young Danish men. Back home their “experienced” girlfriends had told them, that as a rule the Danes were ungentlemenly, boring and rather stout! The girls could quickly see that this characterisation certainly didn’t fit Christian and Arne. Arne played the role of a charming, knowledgeable and funny guide and Christian just couldn’t have been more lovable and generous: The two Austrian girls were allowed to try out everything!

Asshole isn’t a word that is used as an insult by Constance – quite the opposite in fact! She always drinks out of this cup whenever she is being visited by a hand-some boy-friend, which isn’t such a rare occurrence! The cup is meant as a hint – that she en-joys the delights of anal sex.


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