Climax Cavalcade – Number 14 October 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 14 October 1980
English, German, French | JPG | 32 Pages | 11.72 MB

Climax Cavalcade 14 Feaeturing Models Like Girls in Nylons – Gyneco – JUTTA (4 pages) – Retro Porn – Retroraunch – Vintage Sex – …

George Kudos, a young “rov-ing executive” to a vast inter-national corporation, lands at Copenhagen on the flight from Beirut. He has come to wind up a contract, and is met by a chauffeured limou-sine, courtesy of the company he’s dealing with. Unpacking in his lavish suite, he is dis-turbed by room service bring-ing in champagne. George is surprised it has been ordered for “his party” — he is a stran-ger here and expects nobody.

The girls are eager to reach the crucial point — a good buggering! And they’re in luck! Everybody knows that Greeks much prefer arse-fucking to cunt fucking! The perverted ladies get very rou-sed as they stick dildos up their bums — not to mention the real thing: a good thick prick!

-Gisela Backhaus,« the young girl intro-duced herself and shook Dr. Erich Jen-sen’s hand. The friendly, young doctor immediately inspired her trust. »I have a little problem with my vagina,. Gisela smiled shyly. »Please undress behind the curtain,« said Dr. Jensen. »A beauti-ful figure,« he thought, when he saw her naked.
The clinic assistant, Jutta, elped Gisela up on the xamination table. ‘,There ctually isn’t anything rong with my vagina,. Gi-la said, “it’s only that I don’t feel anything, which I’d like to during sexual in-tercourse..
On the machine’s plunger piston was mounted a large artificial prick, which was pushed into Gise-la’s cunt. It filled her up completely, and she felt a pleasant tickling between her legs. The thought alone of being fucked by a robot like artificial prick made her horny. When Dr. Jensen turned the ma-chine on, the plunger pumped in and out of her cunt hole, and she groaned with pleasure. – – ”Oh, Dr it’s wonderful … oh! faster … oh! fuck me more. more.. Gisela had never felt such a burning, thrilling sensation in her life. Her passion grew and grew.


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