Climax Cavalcade - Number 16 November 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 16 November 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 16 November 1980
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Climax Cavalcade 16 All texts contained in this magazine are fiction. Any similarity between situat-ions, places or people referred to in these texts and real people, situations and places is purely coincidental.

Ghitta really fancied her two students. And she found giving private tuition a very hard subject to keep her mind on. Finally, unable to hold back any longer, she suggested they take a break. She began to touch Marianne and kissed her. Her affection was returned. Ghitta was overjoyed at her students’ reactions to her les-bian advances. “Why don’t we get undressed and have a bit of fun!” she suggested randily, “We’ll have a good time and then resume our studies . . . !”

. . . The girls were all for that idea, and quickly stripped off their clothes, leaving Ghitta the exciting job of removing their panties. When they were suitab-ly disrobed, Ghitta sat with her legs wide open in front of a mir-ror. And not trying to conceal her exhibitionist tendencies, she opened the lips of her cunt wide. “Have you ever seen such a delicious pussy?” she asked, her voice trembling with curiosity. The very thought of a lesbian threesome was arousing her beyond belief. She couldn’t wait to get started .. .

Anyone who wants to get hold of Patricia will have a hard job doing it. Like some precious treasure, she is closely guarded by her father. Don Alfredo knows full well, that a daughter who is no longer a virgin, is absolutely worthless in Colom-bia. Patricia has one thing that follows her like a nightmare, she hardly knows the consequences of it, but she fears it more than anything: One day, Patricia will have to tell her father the truth —she’s no longer a virgin.

Tommy and I were recently invited to a party at a bi-sexual friend of ours called, Ivan. As we didn’t fancy him bugger-ing us offered to supply the birds. The party got off to a good start with a dice-game -whoever threw a six had to strip off something. “Is touch-ing all right?” I joked? “It sure is!” replied Ivan hugging a willing chick, who was smacking her lips over the flavour of his prick, which she had started to suck very greedily …


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