Climax Cavalcade - Number 17 November 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 17 November 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 17 November 1980
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Climax Cavalcade 17 New Scans and Complete Magazine. All texts contained in this magazine are fiction. Any similarity between situations, places or people referred to in these texts and real people, situations and places is purely coincidental.

Alf, Borge and Per were playing cards while their girls chatted over a cup of cof-fee. “Oh … you’re boring, why can’t you use the porno-cards for something more exciting!” said Tammy, AR’s wife. “That’s fine,” replied Barge pulling out a card, “Tammy must do what the card shows!” Everybody laughed and Burge went over to her to have his cock sucked off.

Maureen belongs to that large group of Africans that have just emerged from the Stone Age into the twentieth century. She spent the whole of her childhood in a remote village in the north of Ghana. Later, she was sent to a mission school that was run by Swiss nuns. “The only sensible thing I learnt there, was reading and writing,” she ex-plains. “The nuns wanted to change us completely. We were forced to pray several times a day, and on top of that we had to wear school uniforms, long skirts and dark blouses. I tell you — in that heat! After years of that, I was more than happy when I was elected to go to college in Accra. I was just fifteen when my virginity went. It was a Belgian engineer, on the back seat of a car.”

“I often lie out here,” Lil-lian told Ellen, “it’s so peaceful and I’m never disturbed.” “That’s easy to see, with your suntan,” re-plied Ellen. “I don’t only mean sunbathing,” said Lillian, “there are other things that one hides from curious onlookers!” With that she started to caress Ellen. Ellen had been hop-ing this would happen. She was also a lesbian. “Seeing that we won’t be disturbed,” she breathed, “you might as well start licking my cunt!”


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