Climax Cavalcade – Number 20 December 1980

Climax Cavalcade – Number 20 December 1980
English, German, French | JPG | 32 Pages | 27.47 MB

Climax Cavalcade 20 December 1980 Porn Magazine Vintage From Color Climax

Featuring Model: Nathalie = Nathalie Morin

“Right”, agreed Monica, “things go with a swing when Martin and Dorrit drop in, and receiving them in the altogether was a stroke of genius.” “Exactly”, Paul smiled, “a warm welcome to instant fun!”

People from Brittany are sup-posed to be rather dumb. Nathalie from Cherbourg is dumb, and if you want to check it out, you only have to neglect her breasts in sex-play. Whoever commits this sin is barred from her little hole. She adores her breasts, and her adoration grows when two powerful male hands massage and knead her udders, or when her nipples are teased by fingers or biting teeth.

Inga gently massaged Karen’s breast and kissed her behind the ear. They had been lying on the couch flirting with each other for some time now. They had excited themselves, not only with physical actions but also by the use of erotic and sometimes obscene words! They remembered last Saturday’s party when they were together with a couple of guys. “It was fun last weekend wasn’t it,” said Inga. “The guys weren’t too bright — they really thought that it was them that had seduced us,” laughed Karen, “but it was the other way around!”


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